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Q & A

Q. How can I get my child to eat more fresh produce?

A. Fruit and vegetables contain essential nutrients for a child's development and growth. Here are a few tips to get them excited about adding more produce to their plate:

  • Involve your child in shopping, planning, and preparing meals.
  • Challenge your child to pick as many colors of the rainbow as they can for your next family meal.
  • Send grapes, apples, bananas, carrots, or berries as a lunch snack.
  • Get sneaky. Add pureed vegetables to sauces, soups, meat loaf or cookie batter.
  • Lead by example. Enthusiastically serve a variety of fruit and vegetables at each meal.
  • Be patient and persistent. Remember that if children have repeated opportunities, they are more likely to experiment and accept new foods.

Q. Can I store my onions with my potatoes?

A. We don't recommend it. Store both onions and potatoes in a cool, dry place with good ventilation. Just keep them apart from each other because the potato can absorb the onion's moisture and spoil prematurely. Cooked together – yes! Stored together – no!

Q. Why is healthy food so much more expensive than unhealthy food?

A. Iovine Brothers Urban Produce Market believes that it doesn't have to be! If you look for specials, buy seasonally, and check out our dollar rack, we think you'll be able to experience healthy eating for about the same as visiting the fast food drive-thru. Let our knowledgeable "produce guides" direct you to low cost, high nutrition options that won't break your budget. You and your family are worth it!