Jimmy Iovine

James P. Iovine - Owner/President

When Jimmy Iovine first stepped into the Reading Terminal Market, he fell in love. The smells, the hustle bustle, the soul of the place all reinforced his belief that he belonged there. That was over 20 years ago and soon after, Jimmy, along with his brother, Vincent, founded Iovine Brothers Produce. A lot of things have changed since those early days, but the Iovine Brothers' commitment to quality and service have remained the cornerstone of their business.

Iovine customers know that they can count on the Iovine name. When they walk into the Reading Terminal Market, they can be assured of colorful displays, great service, variety, quality, and great value.

One of Jimmy's proudest accomplishments is bringing more fresh produce to his customers through the "dollar rack." He believes that everyone should experience healthy eating and the reasonably priced items allow his customers to try new and exciting produce from around the world.

Jimmy's produce picks: Oranges, broccoli, almonds